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Fitness And Nutrition Gurus Have Lied To You!

For years you’ve heard from “guru” after “guru” that you have to count calories and follow their way of eating and living to be healthy! It means you may have struggled with:

The carb cravings of the Keto diet…

Missing Chocolate, attempting to go cold turkey…

The hunger pains of calorie counting…

Or any of the shortcomings of the latest “fad” diets!

What these “experts” fail to realise is that with any way of eating, the number one predictor of if it will be successful or not is… Your ability to stick to it!
So when you demonise certain types of food or massively restrict yourself in a caloric deficit? Chances are you won’t stick with that diet for very long!

Not to mention the fact that all of these “diets” are simply that - a short term diet, that was never designed to be sustainable in the first place!

Which means that once your 12 or 16-week “diet plan” is over? You go back to your old habits… And eventually, end up right back at where you started!

This doesn’t just knock your physical health massively, but your mental health too. You start to lose confidence. You feel like a failure. And that’s not fair on you.

So, how do you get off the never-ending diet hopping hamster wheel and finally eat foods that you love, and want to eat… While still achieving your goals, and improving your mental and physical health?

The answer is through education!


When you understand which foods you should be eating… Why you should be eating them… And how to prepare them in a way that you enjoy. Not only will you want to avoid the “temporary pleasure” foods that are holding you back from true health…you'll create a way of eating that is sustainable, enjoyable, achieves your goals and helps you manage and take control of:









Having personally experienced the shift in health and eating habits that proper nutrition education can do,



Learn which foods to eat for energy, transformation and confidence.

This 12-week programme, design by expert nutritionist Neleta Winter and I, will radically change how you look at and think about food! The programme focuses on how food affects our overall well-being, both mentally and physically!

You’ll learn not only which foods to eat… But also why, as we uncover the physical and mental health benefits of certain foods, as well as why to avoid certain things like refined sugar.

Once you have a deeper understanding of what’s going on when you consume certain foods… Both negatively and positively… You’ll no longer crave the foods that are holding you back - realising that what may be a moment of enjoyment could lead to a week of anxiety!

That doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your favourite foods, like pizza and chocolate, as we’ll also be sharing recipes for how to make them. The only difference is that you’ll be doing it with quality ingredients!

I'm ready to start the programme!


Each week will focus on a specific nutritional topic, and have recipes to match! There’ll be a 4 step checklist to ensure that you’re ending each week successfully:

  • Watch one nutrition video a week
  • Watch one recipe video a week
  • ​Make one recipe a week
  • ​Connect in the Facebook Community

This is the same format everyone will follow, so with our community, you’ll be able to see others’ experiences throughout the programme as well!

Week One


That wonderful sweet treat that we often crave and equally feel guilty about eating. Discover why traditional chocolate bars give you a mid-day slump, and how you can turn chocolate into a guilt-free treat!

Week Two


There are so many forms of sugar, how do you know which ones are good for you and which ones aren't? In week 2 we’ll be breaking down the facts and fiction around sugar!

Week Three


We’ll break down the 3 ingredients your body uses as fuel, known as macronutrients. We’ll be de-stigmatizing carbohydrates, revealing why fats are so essential, and understanding the benefits of protein!

Week Four


Ditch the profit-driven “probiotic drinks” and learn how to improve your gut health, and why it’s so important to do so for your mental and physical health.

Week Five


You’ve probably heard how much sugar is in many manufactured drinks, but are low-calorie drinks filled with artificial sweeteners any better? This week we find out.

Week Six


We DON’T count them! A calorie is not just a calorie. In week 6 you’ll learn why we don’t have to count calories, and why you should focus on food quality rather than quantity.

Week 7


As a kid, you were told it was the most important meal, but now all the gurus are saying to skip it? Discover what breakfast is really about, and why it can be a great way to start the day.

Week Eight


Learn why “Eat The Rainbow” is my favourite saying, why diversifying the colour of your food is super important, and what “eat the rainbow” really means!

Week Nine


Where does the majority of your stress come from? Learn how changing your diet can reduce your stress levels, and what foods to eat for the best sleep you’ve had in years!

Week Ten


Everyone is talking about the gut, but this often-forgotten organ is just as important for our overall health! Learn why it’s so important, and how to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Week Eleven


Veganism has rapidly grown in the past few years, but is it the healthiest way to eat? Is it doing your physical and mental health a good or bad turn? Learn the answer in week 11!

Week Twelve


The conclusion to our 12-week journey! Learn why how we eat and what we eat can support and benefit our overall mental and physical health to make us happier in our everyday lives.


You’ll get one video discussing that week’s topic, as well as videos to go with each recipe! In addition to the 12 nutrition videos and 23 different recipes, you’ll also be invited to our private Facebook group

I'm ready to start the programme!

Inside this private Facebook group, you’ll not only get my support and encouragement, but also be able to share your learning, experiences, and kitchen creations with the other programme members. You’re not on this journey alone. There are others out there facing the same struggles that you are, and by joining a community together you’ll be able to help push through challenges, and celebrate each other’s victories! And, of course, I’ll also be there every step of the way.


“Rae Anna is amazing, she cares wholeheartedly about the work she does. She is passionate about helping others and recognises each small step one can make. Living with anxiety is incredibly difficult and working with someone who understands really helps. Thank you for being inspirational.”


“Loved the informative videos covering different aspects of nutrition, the delicious recipe videos and unjudgemental friendly advice. As a result of this course, I have chosen to change some of my unhealthier eating habits and feel that I have a better understanding of good nutrition and what works for me!”