The Story So Far

I've been where you are, let me tell you...

Over the past 6 years I have undergone a HUGE transformation, from learning to cope with an anxiety disorder and depression to losing 4.5 stone. I started Whole Health And fitness to share my life-changing finds and create a movement of Healthy, Happy, Humans.

I tried every fad diet

I was overweight my entire childhood, up until the age of 30. I tried every fad diet, enlisted as a Weight Watches member; you name it, I've done it. But none of them were sustainable. In 2015 I found a love of running which turned into an obsession. I became a run leader, and motivated others by taking them on group walks and runs. I lost more weight than I ever had before, plus I was getting fit at the same time. I had struck gold, or so I thought... 

Your body is precious ...look after it.

In 2018, my running days were literally over, after injuring my ankle. It was my body's way of telling me I was putting it under too much strain. I spiralled into a bout of depression and anxiety and it was only after a brief encounter with a neighbour, that a new door opened after she told me about a mindfulness retreat she had been too. I began meditating, and doing yoga, something I had previously enjoyed. This combination helped me to focus on building a positive mindset. 

Simple and healthy habits

When I was told to 'eat a piece of cake' to make me feel better I started researching about refined sugar. Game-changer! I was staggered to learn that it has a direct impact on your mental health and increases anxiety and depression. With a passion to spread this to the masses, I sought the expert advice of nutritionist Neleta Winter and together we invented my 12-week programme. If we focus on the fuel we are putting into our body, it will enable us to feel healthier and happier both physically and mentally. The 4 pillars under Whole Health & Fitness all thrive on one another and encourage us to form healthy and sustainable habits.